Through seeing positive results in my work with couples across cultural and socioeconomic spectrums, I have developed an investment and enjoyment in couples’ work. There is a rewarding synergy in working this way, and I love seeing partners reclaiming their purpose in being together and their connection deepening often right in front of me. I work with couples who are staying together and want to strengthen their bond, or couples who, through the therapeutic process, realise they should separate, mediate, and part successfully.

I honed my skills with couples at FAMSA, Cape Town (Families South Africa), alongside my private practice of many years. I am a qualified mediator having been accredited through FAMAC (Family Mediators Association of the Cape). I have experience in working with couples in crisis, couples choosing to divorce, and mediating around contact with the children of these families. I have also done contact supervision, in cases where there is concern regarding one of the separated parents having contact with their child after divorce or separation.

Pete Pearson, the co-founder of The Couples Institute, says “All growth requires a temporary surrender of our security and safety”. Relationships offer an opportunity to explore this notion, and if couples can learn to hold steady through this shift, the reward on the other side can be immense.