I help people understand themselves, find their voice and separate themselves from what, or who they think they should be.

I work with individuals facing a variety of issues including:

Adjustment crisesThese can result from developmental stages such as marriage, birth of a child, empty nest, or retirement. Even normal parts of the life cycle can evoke stress and dislocation.

Unexpected life eventsImmigration, burn out, ill health or loss, are some examples.

Relationships: Some people want to bring a healthy and loving relationship into their lives. I help to prepare them by processing old limiting patterns and beliefs and inculcating new optimistic, integrated understanding of what it means to be in relationship and thrive. I also facilitate reflection and clarity for those in a relationship that they are struggling with or are ambivalent about.

The way I work is led by you the client. I will either focus on current struggles or work to uncover past emotional injuries and help you understand how these impact your present life; or a combination of both. Exploring your autonomic nervous system helps you understand what your triggers are that undermine your wellbeing, and helps you learn how to self-regulate anxiety, shame, and anger, amongst other difficult emotions. Together we build strategies to enhance and nourish your life and this may mean looking at how different nutrition, exercise programs and mindfulness can support your progress. I work with awareness of the body and may guide you to find solutions in bodywork or body treatments. In this way, my approach is holistic.